Er veranstaltet mit Mina eine Art „Bluthochzeit“, indem er sie dazu zwingt, sein Blut zu trinken. A count from Transylvania . Van Helsing takes over from Seward and looks at her neck. The novel ends with a note from Harker. There is also a theme of science vs. superstition. They’re very creepy, but also pretty and sexy. The West is Britain, the major Imperialist power at the time and the East is the mysterious Balkans, full of superstition and backward types. They meet and find similarities between Lucy’s and Jonathan’s behavior. The next day a box of garlic comes for Van Helsing. They circle around Harker seductively and laugh menacingly. It deals with a Count from Transylvania who goes to London to find new victims in his quest for blood and eternal life and the group of Victorians who fight him and try to destroy him and evil in the process. Stoker hoffte in Folge immer, den Dracula auch einmal in einer vollgültigen Inszenierung im Lyceum aufführen zu können und den Theaterleiter selbst, seinen Arbeitgeber (und wohl auch heimliches Vorbild für die Dracula-Figur) Henry Irving, für die Hauptrolle zu gewinnen. However, the triumph would not have been possible without our rag-tag group of anti-heroes. The wolves start howling and Dracula smiles calling them "the children of the night.". Through use of the femme fatale Stoker doesn’t need to bring Dracula into the scene to bring the idea of Dracula as evil along. They get to the castle, which is dark, run down, and creepy. He feels that death is near. He does a lot of his killing in graveyards, etc. In terms of the genre itself Stoker’s novel was a relative late comer to the market being published in 1867. Let us look first at Qunicy Morris, this man is archetypal hero, yet in this story he is a bit player. The wolf returns later with wounds on his head. When Jonathan finds out that Van Hels8ing visited he’s very relieved. Als Unterlagen dienten ihm Militärkarten, Vampirsagen (Sonne und Knoblauch meiden, lange Zähne, Blut trinken) und Berichte englischer Reisender. Harker darf das Schloss nicht verlassen und wird des Nachts Zeuge, wie Dracula eine Wand hinabklettert, als sei er eine Eidechse. At times he speaks like a great intellectual and though a foreigner, his English is excellent. Hier ereignen sich nun eigenartige Dinge. He’s an old man. Drac surprises them and Harker stabs him.

Drac only comes out at night. April 2005 im Theater St. Gallen (Schweiz) statt.